Renée Houston’s Dressing Rooms

Echoes of the Past

Renée’s world was all about theatre, and indeed there were many in a career lasting sixty years. So many theatres and halls, and so many dressing rooms saw that seasoned professional, witnessing her joy and vitality, as well as her struggles and low points.

This is an attempt to re-imagine a smattering of backstage moments both everyday and peculiar, based on real life interviews, actual recollections, and autobiographical material – all flavoured, I hope, with a dash of the old Houston personality.

I’ve been a fly on the wall travelling from decade to decade taking note of those echoes – that’s before I was swat by Renée.

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1954_CC_SavilleZoom Text

1922_MetZoom Text

1935aBillieZoom Text

1960_roarZoom Text

1935bZoom Text


1953_DundeeZoom Text

1917_AberdeenZoom Text

1935_LL_aZoom Text

1954_CC_PiccadillyZoom Text

1926_AlhambraZoom Text

1928_VicPalZoom Text

1929_colZoom Text

1930_ColZoom Text


1926_Col_GrannyZoom Text

1968_LIRZoom Text


‘See you tomorrow night. Mind how you go.’



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